Saturday, April 6, 2013

Korean bares it all - Nima Park

Park Nima

Without verifying her identity, the China Netizens have posted her information into the Chinese online encyclopedia, Baidu speculating her to a TV announcer Park Nima ??? ???, born in December 6, 1976, graduated from the Seoul National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2007 and debuted in 2007 as a TV announcer for KBS, MBC, Mnet, Arirang TV and some other arts, travel and music programs.

It wasn't too long after, the true identity of this Korea sexy webcam girl speculated to be Park Nima was found. She is actually a famous "BJ" (Broadcast Jockey) from a Korea online video station, winkTV with her screen name as "kw7142". We believe winkTV is some sort of online video service with broadcasters (mainly female) singing and dancing in front of their webcam while chatting with their viewers.
We can't really blame the China Netizens because of the cosmetic surgical boom, Korean women often ask surgeons to copy photos of starlets and can look amazingly alike! Well, who cares about the information anyway?! Just enjoy the photos and videos below, only the best of KW7142 / Park Nima



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